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If you clicked here you must be looking for a little more detail about me. Ok then.... you wanted it.

The basics.
I've lived in Washington State my whole life and love it here, but I have a passion for adventure and exploring. My husband and I take trips as often as possible in our camper trailer; and yes the cat, Mocha, really does come with us. As well as our 2 dogs, Guinness and Sobe. We are just one little furry happy family.

Just for fun. 
  1. My favorite colors are red, teal and black.
  2. I love to read urban fantasy and mysteries.
  3. My favorite number is 17 (don't know why)
  4. I dislike ketchup on eggs.
  5. I'm fueled by coffee and good chocolate.
  6. I love 90's alternative rock and anything with a good beat.
  7. Sobe the Dachshund is my spirit animal.
  8. I use to collect Slinkies and still have quite a few of them.
  9. My favorite pizza is pepperoni and pineapple.
10. I am NOT a morning person.

The start of it all.
A little over a decade ago my husband and I were planning our wedding and I decided that I wanted to make my own guest book. So my mom and I went shopping, at a craft store.... basically I was sucked in from then. You see, I've always loved the idea of creating things and have written poems, short stories and even doodled some but never found the thing. You know, that one thing that just makes you happy, that you get lost in.

The Christmas after I was married my Dad gifted me my first Cricut and that is how this blog actually started, way back in 2010. A lot of the pictures were lost after a domain switch but I found the backup, so there are some posts that date back to 2010.

I started making cards with my Cricut soon after receiving it and I absolutely loved it. Though I've gotten away from those machines I still love creating cards. Each one can be different and each hopefully brings a smile to the recipient. I still love receiving snail mail in this high tech world. It's a certain feeling to have that physical substance in your hands, knowing someone worked hard and thought of you while making that card. It's a little piece of artwork.

The here and now.
I've worked in the retail industry for many years but was never happy with where I was going. I started blogging here again, on a consistent schedule (the schedule use to be when I had time for it) and then I taught myself how to record videos and edit them for You Tube.

My next goal is to be on a Design Team. That is something that I have always wanted to do.

This is what I've wanted to do for a long time but I never thought I could. I will always be honest of my opinions of products, I just want to be transparent as possible. I'm learning new things everyday and creating my own little corner in this massive digital world. I hope that somewhere along your travels here, I've inspired you in some way. This is it, this is me and this is my creative life.

Was that too much? Are we best friends now? 

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