Wednesday, January 3, 2018

December Daily Recaps Days 23rd - 31st

I hope everyone enjoyed the end of December. Mine was good, time just flies and but it was good to spend some quality time with family.

I know we are already into the New Year but I did end up finishing my December Daily challenge. Woohoo! Though you will see a lot of quick doodles in the final stretch. 

Day 23
Your Christmas wish list

Basically give me all the craft supplies and lipstick! 
(this is all meant to be fun, not being greedy)

Day 24
What does Christmas Mean?

I've had this stamp for a long time and use it almost every year while making Christmas cards. Just a friendly reminder that Holidays are much more then just what you received. I thought it was good to put this after day 23rds prompt topic. =)

Day 25
Christmas 2017 favorite memory.

A quick hand written entry of our white Christmas! It was magical and so pretty! Though on Christmas Day it was mainly ice and melting it was still there. We do not get many white Christmas days so this was truly an appreciated rarity. 

Day 26
Favorite Holiday treats.

My goodness the amount of chocolate we receied (me and my husband) was a surprise! My husband has a serious sweet tooth and just can't stay out of it. So to make our chocolaty loot last I've hidden 95% of it. Plus refilled my Craft room stash. Nothing better then creating and enjoying a bit of sugary goodness. I took some of the wrappers ,after "testing" a few pieces, and glued them to a page. Super simple and will be fun to look back years later.

Day 27
Favorite past holiday memory.

Another quick doodle and hand written entry. Remembering when I was little I awoke at 3am and tried to wake my parents and sister to start our Christmas Day. Since my parents had just gone to bed a few hours before my intrusion I was sent to my room with my stocking to keep me busy and so the rest of the house could sleep a little longer. 

Day 28
Picture of a meal.

Well I didn't take a picture of our Christmas day meal but we did have Ham. So keeping it simple and quick I drew a little ham with Micron pens and pencil. 

Day 29
Sad Day..... 

On this day we found out that my Dad's little dog had passed away in the early morning. It's always sad when a furry member of the family passes but this little guy had such a positive effect in my sister's, mine and our husbands life. He was a rambunctious wired hair Terrier and it was nice that we all got to spend Christmas Eve enjoying his antics one last time. 

Day 30
Just doodle something!

This prompt I just made up and didn't use any of the listed ones I had. I just doodled again with micron pen and pencil. From left to right; Guinness our big boy, He is a mix shepherd breed. Sobe our Mini Dachshund  (as a bandit/robber, imitating what her markings remind me of.) and Mocha our talkative Tortoiseshell cat.

Day 31
New Years Resolution for 2018!

Just a couple of things on my resolution list. Happy New Year!

So did you enjoy December Daily? I think it was fun and kept me doing something creative through the busy holidays every day (well almost). 

My completed December Daily Traveler's Journal insert!

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