Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Prismacolor Premier Pencils 150ct and NEW case

So I know I just posted about my Prismacolor color pencils storage.... but Amazon had such a great price on the complete set. It was only good for the Saturday after Black Friday 2017.

The amount that I was trying to collect vs how much the full set was on sale totally justified my purchase. Plus I can justify just about anything if I really want it. lol.

So for those that don't know, this 150pc set comes in a long skinny box that has 6 different trays that set on top of each other and the pencils sit inside of the molded slots. 

I however love easy and travel friendly storage options. 

This case is the one I have listed in my supplies list in many blog posts. I have it in the gray color and loved it. But unfortunately it just doesn't fit the 150pc set of Prismacolor pencils. So I have repurposed this case to fit my Zig clean color real brush pens. They fit if I put 3 in a row and then skip a slot. The circumference of the barrel is much larger then colored pencils so it is a tight squeeze. I also was able to fit some Staedtler pens sets I have for planning.

Now for the new case!!

The glare on this is crazy! It's listed as a silver color but has more of a Holo color to it, or rainbow.

But it's sooo pretty!

They also have several colors and this one is listed to have 160 slots. 

This first section holds a earser, pencil sharpener and a few other items that I use most frequently with these colored pencils. 

I order mine in the same order as the color chart I have for Prismacolor pencils. I found that color chart on Splitcoast Stamper site by googling prismacolor pencil color chart. There are a lot of different styles so choose one that best fits what you need. I liked this one because all the colors were on one side of the paper and listed both the color and number. 

This picture got cut off a bit. 

The last section has a large slot that fits a small ruler. This ruler is very old and from a Cricut accessory tool kit that I bought close to 9 years ago. =)

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