Saturday, December 23, 2017

December Daily Recap Days 12th - 22nd

December where have you gone? It's been a good month so far. I've been preparing for family time this Monday, cleaning and figuring out food items. I've been enjoying December Daily, taking a few moments a day to think of something creative or look back on Christmas past.  So here is the last 11 days worth of December Daily. You can see these posts everyday if you follow me on Instagram.

Day 12
Shopping List

Nothing fancy with this page. Just jotted down my grocery list for the day. Not a lot if any has to do with the season but in a year or more it will be interesting to see what we were buying in 2017. 

Day 13
Write a letter to Santa Clause

This prompt would be great to have your kids write letters to Santa. I instead wrote what my dogs and cat would want to write to Santa if they could.

Day 14
A photo of your day

I drew little doodles that represented what happened that day. My husband and I did some Christmas shopping and went to the movies to see the new Thor.

Day 15
Make something out of wrapping paper

We have used this wrapping for years in our house. It was such a large roll. Finally using up the last of it this year! The face is the wrapping paper and I drew a body for this little Santa.

Day 16
Take a photo of you house.

Simple black and white photo of our house adorned with Christmas lights.

Day 17
Something you love.

Got a great shot of my pups hanging out on the couch one morning. They don't normally lay so close to each other so this was a prized photo for me.

Day 18
Draw Something

While watching some youtube videos on my laptop I doodled a couple of snowmen. I'm one of those that can't sit while watching TV.

Day 19
Take a picture of your desk.

And here is the aftermath of the previous doodle. Man I love that case for my colored pencils. (Links below!) I cleaned it up after taking the photo. I may leave a mess for a day but I will usually clean it up before working on the next project.

Day 20
Make a tag

Stamped this image on some Tim Holtz watercolor paper and used zig markers and some other pens to color it in and add detail to it. Super easy and uses a non traditional Christmas stamp!

Day 21
Take a selfie!

Jake and I spent a lovely late evening at the zoo. We were able to get in early and walk around before the crowd for Zoo lights showed up. We watched while they turned on the lights and even had a snack while we warmed up with one of the elephants.

Day 22
A day in the life

A day of chores. I got a lot done and the pizza was a delicious treat!

The next post for December Daily will be at the end of the month. Then on to a new year!!

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