Tuesday, December 12, 2017

December Daily Recap 1st - 11th

Has anyone else been joining in on a Daily December challenge? There is so many ways that you could interpret this challenge; just photos, journal entries, crafting, drawing. Really your imagination is the limit. This is the farthest I've ever gotten with a challenge like this. It has taken up more time then I thought it would but it has been fun.

Day 1. 
Favorite Holiday Movie

Mine is "The Santa Claus", 1990s fun Christmas movie. I drew out this page in my travelers journal to represent Judy in the movie giving her recipe of her famous Hot Cocoa. 

Day 2.
Write a letter to yourself

This one I honestly had no idea what to do, it definitely was a challenge. But I just wrote out a little letter to myself of some encouragement that way next year if I re-read it I can see how far I've come. I layered it on the page with some left over die cuts and scrap pieces from cards that I had recently made. Splattered the red ink on the background (which for some reason I thought would look better but it just looks like blood splatter.... oops) and made a envelope for the letter using the WRMK envelope punch board. 

Day 3.
Write down your favorite recipe

Lucky for me we had a mother/ daughter Christmas cookie bake/movie watch day. My sister took some photos of us using her Instax camera and I wrote down my favorite go to recipe for chocolate chip cookies.  

Day 4.
Photo of weather 

I used some watercolors and a piece of Tim Holtz watercolor paper and painted the sky I saw outside of my studio window. It was a lovely partial cloudy day with a bright blue sky peeking out. I wrote on the space next to the watercolor to make it look like the actual weather font and information that would we see if you looked up the weather forecast. 

Day 5.
Christmas decoration

My dad bought these little light up trees for my sister this year. It so pretty at night. Something that I could change up every year. This year I just have it sitting on my end table by the couch in the living room and put a Santa Claus figure that we have had for a while, hes sitting in a chair and checking his list. 

Day 6.
Stamp and color something

Grabbed a few of my smaller Christmas themed stamps and just colored them. No reason, not for a card just to sit and color for a little bit. Used Zig real brush markers on Neenah. Nothing fancy. 

Day 7.
Make a card

Even though I was already sending out my Christmas cards and was technically done. I decided to make something a little different then what I did this year. If you look at my previous posts a lot of the cards that I have made this year are cutesy. I tend to go back and forth on my techniques/style I like cutesy and I like more elegant styles too. In order to put this into the Travelers Journal that I'm working in I just wrote a little about my process and why I chose this style of card and made it more of a journal entry.

Day 8.
Favorite holiday tradition

My favorite holiday tradition is all the Christmas lights. I like seeing what my husband does every year with the decorating the outside of the house. When I was little we would drive around and look at the lights. I did that through my out the years with friends also and now with my husband. We usually go to Zoolights in Portland, or to the racetrack and one year we went to Leavensworth WA to see the towns Christmas lighting event. Light's are always a big part of my holiday tradtitions. 

Day 9.
Favorite holiday song

Day 10.
Favorite song lyrics

Baby It's Cold Outside is my favorite holiday song and I think the lyrics are fun. I thought it represented both prompts nicely. I used a dark blue and light blue to divide between the duets lyrics and stamped a few snowflakes with a light gray ink. 

Day 11.
Draw a Christmas tree

After spending quite a bit of time on a watercolor painting (post coming soon) I was running out of time before I had to get dinner ready. So this was a quick idea that turned out pretty decent. Simple modern Christmas tree, using Prismacolor pencils in shades of green for a ombre effect. 

That's it! I will do another recap around the 22nd. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram if you want to see what I'm up to daily.  

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