Tuesday, November 28, 2017

How to: Copic marker maintenance

So with the arrival of the new case for my Copic Sketch markers I decided to give them a little TLC and do some cleaning. 

Alot of my markers looked like this.....

It's not too bad but I might as well clean them up while putting them in their new home.

The supplies I used was 91% Alcohol (It's what I could find at the store I went to) and some q-tips. I used off brand q-tips just to save a little money. 


The bowl is a little paint mix bowl I bought at Michael's a long time ago. I use it for a lot of different things, but any bowl will do the job.  Just poor a little into the a bowl and dip the q-tip in. I used one end to get the ink wet and moving and then the other side for wiping out. 

Some markers do take more then 1 q-tip. The darker the colors or redder the color the more I had to use. It was easy and it probably took about an hour or so. So sit down and watch a movie in a well ventilated area!
They look sooo much better now! If I had any replacement nibs or reinkers I would have done that also but I just made a list of a few that might need some extra love  so I can gather the supplies. 

This is the way I use to store them. It was suppose to be temporary storing them in these buckets on end but.... things happen. Having them on end might be one reason why they go so messy.

So far I'm loving the case. I can store this on its side pretty easily on the same cart that they were on too.

Inside look. So organized! <3

Below is a supply list I have compiled. All links below are affiliate links and are used to help support this blog and my hobby. I only link to products that I love and use. Thank you so much for visiting and all comments are appreciated!

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