Monday, October 30, 2017

Candy Corn| Prismacolor Premier pencils

Tomorrow is Halloween and the sugar will be flowing! One staple sweet of the season is Candy Corn. You see it every where and I've never been into the hype of it. Those little kernels just don't taste very good to me. In my opinion of course!

So I drew one...... =)

Sorry for the weird shadows on the paper from the leaves. I really do need to get outside earlier to take photos but it is what it is.

Just simple coloring and blending. The paper got a little wrinkled on this one. I had some issues with wax texture. One day I would like to get a rough paper sketch book. I think part of my problem is I like to add so much color and this gray toned paper just can't handle it since it is so thin and smooth. I like the way colors pop off of it though.

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