Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Here is a little update on what has been going on in my part of the world.

First my husband and I are in the process of buying our first house! I know exciting right!! So we started going through stuff and packing away little things. It is amazing what you can collect over just a couple of years!

Well then our washer broke in our apartment..... flooded. Water was in every room. Nothing damaged luckily! So we had to rush pack and get a storage unit while our apartment dried out and we got carpet reinstalled.

So half of my craft stuff is packed up. We decided to just keep everything packed until the house closes. So we got a head start on that!

Hoping to close in the next couple of weeks so then we will need time to settle in. I will have a craftroom again though. Which I am very thankful about!

On another note Blogger isn't letting me post pictures that are uploaded from Picasa. I had a few projects I wanted to post so this blog wouldn't look so dead.

Wish us luck on our move! Hopefully be back up and running soon!

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