Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Clip it Up: Stamp organization

This post will be about how I store my PTI stamps. I have recently bought more stamps, before I had only a few of the larger sets and many of the $5 ones. The large sets that I had I used the cd cases that they came with and stored them on my clip it up.
Yes I am one of those that LOVE their clip it up. I like how it is in sight and holds so much. The old saying "out of sight out of mind" is definitely true for me. I have used it for storing embellishments and misc. items and now have reverted to storing it for stamps and not just PTI stamps.

First I gathered my supplies to change out the stamp from their cd cases to new way of storing them. I had some bags but after changing them to those I decided to get some large ziplock bags. You will see the change and I also explain why I decided to switch. This stamp set is Birthday Basics. I used True Black ink and Stampers Select White cardstock cut down to 6.75 ''X 4.75''. This can be a little tedious but luckily I only had four stamp sets to convert.

I lined up the sentiments or images in the order I wanted which was similar to the index label that came with the set. 

This picture shows the difference in the stamp sets I converted and the new ones I have received recently. Basically for the newer ones I take everything out of the box that comes with it and stick it in a bag, including the designer label just because I like to know who designed it without having to look it up. EASY! I used my label maker to label the older sets with the stamp set name.

I consider this the back since I store them on my clip it up so I can see the Index images instead of the stamp themselves. Easier to see what is in the set. This is also where I put the designer Label. Carefully just peel it off the original package and fold to fit in the bag.
I'm also storing the coordinating dies with the stamp sets. Its easy for me to see what dies I have gotten. I was storing them in the Art Bin magnetic sheet system but I was running out of room. That is also where I store all my other dies (Spellbinders)

Ok so I didn't really like the flimsy open ended bags I had so I bought some 6x9 ziplock bags on Ebay for cheap. Of course they were a little long and I had to fold the ends over and use my tape gun to secure it down. But they were cheap and it still works just fine for me.
PTI stamps on the top and other name brands on the bottom along with some Thickers and other items.

Here is a closer look at the ziplock bags. TIP: when using a clip it up I find it is easier to clip the hanger to the end that doesn't open. That way when you take it off the Clip it Up the clip hanger comes with it and you can still open the package with out having to unclasp the little clip. This way I don't loose that little clip and it's easier for me to actually put the set away again.

This is just showing the front with the new bags. Well I hope this gives you some ideas. This storage system is working great for me I love it!

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