Saturday, January 8, 2011

Special project coming up starting Monday 1-10-11

Since it is the New Year and I know many people are trying to get organized for 2011 I thought I would share some organization products, tips or tricks that I have found work great for me. I do have one New Year's resolution; Don't buy stuff I wont use!! lol I went through my craft room and found many things that I thought were going to be fantastic but just did not work out for me. So I sent a very full box to Goodwill. So I'm trying to triple think on what I buy this year, which will also help keep me organized lol. See it all ties together in the end!

So starting on Monday, January 10th, I will have a post each day for 10 days. Each post will have a different product, tip or trick that relates to getting organized in your craft room. Alright thats it for me see you all Monday!! Have a great weekend!

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