Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ribbon ribbon everywhere! Day 4

I have to say that this organizing tip is definitley not my own. I do not remember where I first saw it but I love it and works great for me! The jars are just regular canning jars that I found at Craft Warehouse. I then found some "vintage" style clothespins that I wrapped my ribbon around and used some sewing pins to hold the ribbon on.

I have a jar for each color. The fact that it kind of showcases the ribbon and colors is what I liked about this storage idea. You will probably notice that with all of my organizing tips lol. I may need to have two jars for 'reds'  =)

I know this one is kind of short but what else can I say about ribbon?


  1. I use this Idea too. I like how it keeps your ribbon from being wrinkled. Great Ideas!

  2. Yep love the no wrinkles too!! =)