Monday, January 17, 2011

Have a Magnetic Day 8

So today's organizing tip is for flowers.... Now I know I don't have as near as many flowers as some people do. In fact I have a very very very small collection but I do not use them that much. So this idea may not work but you may have something else you can use it for.

The white metal board and the spice containers (the circle ones) are from Ikea. The square containers I bought actually had some flowers in them. The two jars are from Michael's dollar spot area from a while back. I put a magnet on the bottom of them to make them stay on the board. This is also home to my ATG as you can see. It sits in a pencil cup I also found at Ikea. I have all kinds of little things that I have decorated my board with including pictures and stickers.

I like to color group everything for easy location.


There is a lot of magnetic storage ideas out there but also cork board or even peg board. Getting a sheet of peg board from you local hardware store and framing it can be a really nice storage solution! Here are really easy instructions to getting started with some peg board storage!

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  1. Ooo, I love the idea of using those magnetic tins! I've seen them everywhere in the past, but I never thought they'd be useful. Now that I'm getting into crafting, I should keep this in mind for the future! I don't have many embellishments yet, so I don't think I'll need it now. Thanks for the tip!