Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 6 is all about Card storage!!

Cardmaking is by far my favorite hobby, yes I have a few other hobbies. As for being a cardmaker we tend to always have a a lot of  cards on hand. Now you can use the Clip it up to store your cards or you can also get this card organizer at Michaels. I first saw this at another store around Christmas time (The one with the red lid). The red lid one I used my label maker to label each section ie; Thinking of you, Get well, Thanks and others.

The all clear one I have all the holidays and birthdays cards stored in. Also the little black pocket on the front of it holds stamps.

Card storage for birthdays, Christmas, Valentines and other holidays.

Card storage for miss you, thinking of you and thank you type cards.


The inside.

This is one of those rods that you can get at Ikea. I forgot the name of it. This is where I put my cards that I have just finished, ones I'm about to use and holiday cards.
Each of my cards are stored in some clear resealable bags. I found mine at a local store (Paper Zone) but I know you can also get them on line at Clear Bags or on ebay. You get quite a few for a good price and they are reusable!

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  1. Great storage ideas. I struggle with how to store the cards I've made. Now look what you've done- I'm going to have to go shopping! lol