Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm never going to catch up!!! lol!

I know I know... I have been working on that Cartridge Challenge for a while now and I seem to get a few mark down and then I go right back up! Well this time it wasn't my fault!! lol Provo Craft had a deal going that if you buy a Gypsy and register by 10-31-10 then you get 6 free cartridges downloads.

Those Cartridges are:

Indie Art
Printing Press
Tags Bags Boxes and more
Smiley Cards (NEW)

Well I don't have Tags bags boxes and more, Christmas or Smiley Cards! Which I have been wanting the first two for some time now. Smiley cards is really cute!!

Plus my second Circle Membership Cartridge came today!! "Shall we Dance"

I don't love this cartridge but some images are usable... The figures kind of creep me out though lol =)

Alright I am off to update my cartridge list!

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