Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Love to Shop!

Today I went to PaperZone (link here) though you can't purchase anything from their website but they do have a nice blog. I really love this store. They have such an abundance of evelopes of all different sizes, colors and textures. Mainly, I believe, are used for weddings and parties or the like, but I'm such a avid cardmaker it works for me! They also have alot of scrapbook, papercraft etc supplies that Michaels, Joann's or any other brick and mortor store carries but without the coupons. Though they have had a few coupons or special deals over the holidays. Sometimes I can find some interesting things that I know most craft stores wont carry , or atleast I have never seen there.

Screen printed Burlap Fabric

Wow what fabulous colors and great texture!!
It says it is great for scrapbooks and cards... Not sure if it is acid free though the label does not say. When cutting it I think it will be quite messy but additional frays should be resolved with a lighter. Sadly I can not find anywhere on the internet that sells these. If you do please let me know!

The PaperZone also had several other packs of handmade papers with different textures and colors.

So pretty!!!

Also I found these magnets at the PaperZone... I know I've seen these somewhere but I didn't pick them up and now I haven't been able to find them untill now :)

They are very very slim magnets that would be great for box or bag closures instead of velcro or ribbon. How fun!!

Then I headed or to Craft Warehouse and picked up this Cartridge from Provo Craft!! Lol Yep I'm adding to my collection and making that Cartridge Challenge more challenging! 

So this new seasonal cart makes 54 fo me!! WOW!!! Plus I have 3 Birds on Parade cart that should be arriving any day now :) So there is 55... Please view "Cartridge List" page (here) for recent list and progress :)

Alright I also picked up some new G Studio stamps, the "Cling" ones and the "Solo" ones. A few were Halloween stamp that will go great with my new Cart. Hehehe

Ok after Craft Warehouse I jetted over to Michaels... (I have done this in so long! Been trying to stay away from the craft stores.)
But I needed a new paper pack that is Halloween themed since I do not own any!! "Shocker huh!?"

So stay tuned for some Halloween cards..... :)

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